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Studio B

Room Size: 14' x 10' Capacity: 4 people maximum Yamaha Upright Piano, Sonor Drum Kit, Crate Bass Amp, Vox Guitar Amp, PA, CD/Tape/ iPod Capability. Up to 4 Mics available upon request at no extra charge. Studio B is an excellent room for rehearsing trios or quartets. The Yamaha upright piano and Sonor drums are kept in pristine condition. The room has a warm, inviting vibe which will facilitate your group's creative explorations. Session 1hr - $35 1/2hr - $17.5 Standard 1hr - $25 1/2hr - $12.5 Make reservation

Drum Room

Room Size: 9' x 7' Capacity: 2 persons maximum Drum set, perfect for teaching. Fits two people comfortably. The drum room is designed for Individual practicing or teaching your drum students. The soundproofing ensures privacy and the warmth of the room allows You to get right down to business. 1hr - $16 1/2hr - $8 Make reservation

Studio D/E/F/G/H

Room Size: 6' x 8' Capacity: 2 persons maximum Upright piano, PA, iPod/CD/Tape Player. PERFECT FOR TEACHING. Up to 2 Mics available at no extra charge. Studio D/E/F/G/H are excellent room for individual practicing whether it's piano, horn, or vocal. This room is also in high demand for teaching, vocal coaching, or duo rehearsals. It has an upright piano and all of our piano's are being maintained by a team of piano technicians. 1hr - $16 1/2hr - $8 Make reservation